Water, sanitation, and hygiene access in southern Syria: analysis of survey data and recommendations

Peer Reviewed Paper. Conceived the work, and contributed to the text. Published on Conflict and Health (Springer Nature Group) April 2018. link 

Challenges of Tsunami and Conflict Affected Rural Water Supply in Sri Lanka

Referred paper presented to the 32nd  WEDC International Conference on “Sustainable Development of Water Resources, Water Supply and Environmental Sanitation” Colombo, Sri Lanka, November 2006

Community use of H2S (Hydrogen Sulphide) as a verification tool for Water Safety Plans

Referred paper presented to the 33rd WEDC International conference on “ Access to sanitation and safe water: Global partnerships and Local Actions” Accra, Ghana, 2008 – (Co-author)

Un sistema GIS per la gestione dell’acqua potabile in Afghanistan

(A GIS System for the Management of water supply in Afghanistan) published on Mondo GIS, Italy – n. 47 – April 2005

Arsenic Contamination in Afghanistan

presented to the conference on “Water Quality – Arsenic Mitigation” in Taiyuan – Shanxi Province – People’s Republic of China on 23 – 26 November 2004.

The WASH Cluster Coordinator Handbook

contributor and reviewer) 1st trial edition – Global WASH Cluster, January 2009